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+ Two Chapters Ahead - A Tail's Misfortune
+ Three Chapters Ahead - The Oscillation
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- Undying Empire
+ Two Chapter Ahead - PokéSync

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+ Five Chapters Ahead - A Tail's Misfortune
+ Six Chapters Ahead - The Oscillation
+ Five Chapters Ahead - Undying Empire
+ Five Chapter Ahead - PokéSync
+ One Chapter Ahead - The Power Of Cuteness And Positivity

Note:  I'm currently working on ATM to get to 5 ahead public, as you voted.  =))

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+ Five Chapters Ahead - A Tail's Misfortune
+ Eleven Chapters Ahead - The Oscillation
+ Ten Chapters Ahead - Undying Empire 
+ Ten Chapter Ahead - PokéSync (Pokémon Fan Fiction)
+ Five Chapter Ahead - The Power Of Cuteness And Positivity

I'm slowly building up the chapter backlog.   Thank you for being patient.

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About SME

Hehe, I made that video a while ago >.> it's a bit embarrassing.

Update:  Alright, now that I'm starting to release Undying Empire to the public, I'll prepare myself to try and work on increasing the Patreon Chapters over time.  I'll put up a Poll when I'm ready.  ^_^7

I really thank you guys for helping to mitigate some of the price of the commissions.

Link To My Stories:

  • Patreon Master Index — link to browse all the chapters on Patreon for your ease of access.
  • A Tail's Misfortune [Scrible Hub] [Royal Road]mythology, psychological, philosophical, action, teen drama, slice of life, cast in the modern world!
  • The Oscillation [Scribble Hub] [Royal Road] psychological, drama, action, mythology, GameLit, slice of life, world change, magical creatures!
  • Undying Empire [Scribble Hub] [Royal Road] — Isekai, psychological, drama, action, mythology, GameLit, slice of life, world change, magical creatures!  It takes place in The Oscillation universe.
  • PokéSync [Scribble Hub] [Royal Road] Pokemon, adventure, soul link, bonding, training, competitions, action, pokemon POV, trainer POV
  • The Helena Chronicles (Currently On Ice) [Scribble Hub] [Royal Road] psychological, dark, action, ESP, cast in a fantasy world!
  • Jake's Day [Royal Road] short story, tragedy, drama, cast in future of Helena Chronicles!

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Lights will appear in the sky, and out of nowhere, I gain wings and can fly!  I can go so high!  Then, I realize, I'm a Beastkin when everyone else got super cool powers >.> well, crap ... drew the short stick ... or did I?

No, but for real, I know this is a lofty goal, but if I make this amount, then I'll be able to relax and start slowing things down in my life.

I can't really promise more chapters since I'm so impulsive that I don't have any backlog chapters, to begin with.

The moment I finish a chapter, I quickly go over it in a single pass (as some of you might be able to tell, and help me with the things I miss), and release it.

I'm eternally grateful for everything you do!
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