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[Teaser] 私、能力は平均値でって言ったよね! Chapter 1 : Reincarnation 1



Watashi, nōryoku wa heikinchi dette itta yo ne!

I said make my abilities average!

Author : FUNA

Summary : 

Viscount Ascham’s House’s eldest daughter, Adele von Ascham become 10 years old, remember everything along with intense headache.

The previous self, Kurihara Misato 18 years old Japanese, lost her life when trying to help a young girl, and then, she met God…

Somewhat capable person given too big expectation by surrounding people, Misato that cannot live as she wants, plead to the God.

“On the next life, please make my abilities average!”

Yet, somehow the story is wrong!

The girl with 3 name, is careful to not accidentally be an S-rank hunter, lets live normally.

I mean, I'm just average, common girl. No, seriously.

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Chapter 1 : Reincarnation 1

"This place..."

When I wake up, there is a room that I didn't know.

White wall, pale pink curtain hanging by the window, antique-style furniture such as desk, closet and handmade stuffed animal. As if the room belongs to a young girl....

And, I'm lying on the bed, Kurihara Misato, 18 years old, Adele von Ascham, 10 years old.

... eh, e, what? I'm Kurihara Misato, 10 years old, eldest daughter of Ascham House, eh, wrong, what is this, my head, my head hurts.

Then the girl faint, and when she wake up, the pain on the head have disappear, and she remember everything.

"Aaa~, so it is like that"

I died. 10 years ago.

Kurihara Misato is the oldest sister of two siblings, born out of a very ordinary house. Her parents are seriously gentle, the two sisters are a little cheeky but they are cheerful and good child. And then there is Misato, a little more than the usual "capable child".

The glimpse of it has already appeared since she was a baby.

Quickly able to learn language. Rising on two feet is also faster than the average time taken for young children to walk.

In study. In sport. In art. In shogi. In conversation with adults.

In kindergarten, and then in elementary school, the "capable child" traits are displayed one after another. The teachers and the surrounding people piles excessive expectation on Misato. It was too much.

Grandparents are also elated, this child is a genius, in the future will surely be famous, or so they make a fuss.

And then paternal grandparents and maternal grandparents starts scrambling for Misato, comparing her with other grandchildren, comparing her with younger sisters, without thinking that it is painful for Misato, they sow the seed of discord between her and her relatives.

The salvation is that the parents raise her normally without caring about those things, thus the unusuality becomes normal, and the younger sisters are growing up as very good child.

However, although she can breathe at home, at school she always pays attention, she never bullies people, she is still not capable of having a good relationship with others. Everyone treated Misato as a special person.

Unfortunately, Misato is by no means a “genius”. If Misato has a different sensibility then other people, if she is a genius that produces innovative ideas by inspiration, it might have been a little more comfortable. However, Misato is a “smartass type”.

In the end, way of thinking and sensibility is that of a normal people. It is just that her head works faster and from early age has already performed logical thinking, the knowledge comes from numerous amount of books since she likes to read, in short “spec is pretty high but still a normal person”.

Therefore, people’s excessive expectations and the point of view of a special person is hard. I also, want to joke and talk about boys with everyone.

Although surrounded by people, everyday is lonely.

It continued even in high school, since Misato doesn't have friends to go out with, other than the occasional game as a breather, she had nothing to do but study, maybe because of that, the result is, just as the surrounding people expected, she was able to enter a certain high-barrier university.

And then the day of high school graduation ceremony came. She is pressed to give tactful answer about what to do after high school. Will university live be more free. The people who enroll to that university, I wonder if everyone also has the same thought as me. Thus she thinks about it…

Most of the people who walk on the road are the soon-to-be-graduates who are overflowing from the school. The current students who has yet to graduate. With relieved feeling, the high school students are walking playfully with each other, no, the people who is a high school student to the very end. And one of them, a young lady is messing around with her friend and her bag hit a bicycle that is ridden by a 10 years old girl, as the result the girl staggers and falls onto the roadway.

A large car is coming. Because he is not looking at the front road properly, the uncle that drive the car didn't react, and isn't likely to brake the car in time. When she sees it, Misato’s body is already moving. She jumps onto the roadway towards the girl.

Why am I… There are a lot of people closer to the girl and is able to help easily enough, why nobody move? I won’t make it in time…

Nobody move, they just look at Misato.

Because that person have good reflexes.

Because of that, surely she can save the girl.

Misato scoop the girl’s body and immediately throw her onto the side-walk then Misato’s body is hit by the car that finally starts to brake.

“Seems like you've wake up, Kurihara Misato-san”

When Misato regain consciousness, a twenty years old young man is looking down at her.

“This is… Certainly I have been splashed(hit) by the car…”

Misato mutters while looking at her body, the young man have a sorry look on his face.

“Yeah. And now you’re dead”


How foolish, I want to say, I didn't know if that situation has been safely resolved. And when I look at the surrounding calmly, it somehow looks white. The ground, the surrounding, and also the clothes that the young men wear.  What do this mean…

At Misato’s confusion, the young man politely gives an explanation.

This place can be explained as your people’s concept of [heaven], I’m standing at the position that can be properly called [God]. Though it is actually different…

According to the young man’s story, it seems like it goes like this. The world is in accordance to the law of entropy enlargement.

Entropy is, thermodynamic, a state of excessiveness that is defined in statistical mechanics and information theory. A measure of randomness, or so it can be said…

In a closed system, if left alone, entropy will head towards the direction of enlargement.

If hot water and cold water is poured into a cup, eventually their temperature will be the same. And vice versa, even if lukewarm water is poured, it won’t become hot and cold water. Strictly speaking, it is not affirmed like that in theory, though it is okay to think like that in general I think.

As natural phenomena of the world, most of life’s activities are made up of the imbalance between substances and energy. Everything will be mingled equally, the world’s energy is no exception. Until eventually nothing will change, the world of stationary death.

All worlds are moving towards death.

Rather than the work of the devil, it is done by the hand of the absolute God named physics.
But there is something that can counter it.


The intermingled things are separated to creating things with regularity. It seems like the activity to reduce entropy. Actually, I wonder if entropy is growing if you look at a wider closed system. The creation and separation of things, life activity itself doesn't consume energy.

However, that frantic activity is a heart-warming thing to watch. A long time ago that gradation occurs beyond our predecessor.

And then the life activities reach a civilization level to some extent, many cases leads to ruin. Why, a specific theory said that the probability value is higher. It was like, as if they have one of the existing “World’s law”.

And then, to waste time goes said, finding a civilization that reach a dangerous stage is the characteristic of “Them”. Without lots of overt assistance, as to maintain the appearance that the individual overcome it by their own, they secretly give special individuals hint or knowledge in their sleep through form of [I saw it in a dream]…

However for some reason, the individual that is given knowledge dies more easily. The death rate is clearly beyond normal probability value. The reason for that, even “They” didn't know. The balance of life is subtly collapsing, could it really be like that, do “Will of the World” really exist…

“Eee…, then, my suffering and death is entirely your fault”

“Is not”


“The one I give assistance to is the girl you help. You’re not involved at all with this. And also, your suffering is all your own.”


Misato is heartbroken and both hands are on the ground.

Apparently, this is Misato’s original fate.

“Actually, I call you here to thank you.”


“That girl is supposed to die there. Whether it is due to accident or illness, for some reason suddenly fall, and then the driver was distracted by mobile phone as it happens. I have short term future prediction for the occurrence of that event, nai waaa (no way/don't want it)! Seriously, I wonder what is going on….

And thus, in order to cover it in anyway, I was searching for something that can be used instantly, that is why everything is usable… For some reason, at that time, the people near that girl do not react at all. It is as if that the girl’s death has been decided from the beginning. Yes, it is like, it is referred as your world’s [Arranged Harmony].

In the end, even though it is early, I was about to give up on the struggle that is subjected to the girl, and then you appear. The distance should make you unable to get there in time. I feel like there is no need to move you because there are closer people. The presence that is outside of my scope of search and short-term future prediction. Even though you’re just an ordinary human, you break the world’s arranged harmony, you bypass my short term future prediction, and save that girl at the expense of your life.

Do you know. That girl, in the future will make up the basic theory that will enable the human race to go to other stellar system.”

Is that so… I haven’t accomplish anything myself, it can’t be helped. In that case, my existence, there is a meaning in my life

“And so, to you, I feel grateful from the bottom of my heart, I was thinking about giving you a new life. The so called reincarnation with memories intact.”

 “E, eeeeeee~”

Misato is surprised.

It's just like that game that I tried as a breather from studying...but, if it's a game, after this......

“So, in order to live comfortably than in your previous world, I'm giving you whatever special ability you want, so what kind of ability do you wish for?”

I… it has finally cameeeee

Misato answer immediately

“Please make my abilities average!”

Uh... due to some reason, I machine translated this first chapter... and so I thought, "might as well post it so that people can read it?"

The whole talk about entropy is confusing, I honestly feel that there is a lot of mistranslation and grammatical mistake... I try my best though... sorry about that...

I'll most probably only do this till either ch 4 or someone pick this up, which ever comes first 

It would be nice if someone is willing to continue from where I left this... would be even nicer if someone is willing to do it from ch 1 :), I'm a reader(leecher) to the core, so I would really love to read an accurate translation of these :D (Edit : 24 August 2016) 

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  2. yea I didn't fully understand the entropy part but what I'm going to go with is basically saying that everything is moving toward being the same and because "nothing/death/empty space" is part of everything and can not change, everything is going to become "nothing/death/empty space"

    1. Basically what is referenced is how the universe is constantly expanding yet the amount of matter remains the same, eventually leading to everything being stretched out until it reaches a homogenous state where nothing can exist.

    2. This answer is correct.

      But given the scale of "everything" this happening is something far far far of the future that mankind can comprehend.

      I mean, heck how long does mankind exist in terms of the greater universal time? Not even an blink of an eye.

      The funny thing is.
      What will happen when everything has gone into that state? Will all mater colapse again, form the next big bang? And reset all mater anew?

      It's nothing we should worry about xD. I doubt that the human race will survive that long ... we are to suicidal xD...

    3. About the entropy thing, it refers to how entropy can only ever increase, never decrease. (in a closed system)

      Life seemingly contradicts that because of their high order, but their processes inside still increase entropy just the same.

    4. @anyon regarding the existence of mankind and what we've created, if we look at the birth of the universe (evoltionist e.g. 'the big bang', not creationist) as a calendar, we would be in the last hour or so of the last day of the last month.
      just thought I'd share that

    5. Entropy is lack of order. Basically it means that everything change towards more disorder. And If you look at it, life creates more disorder not decrease it. All the other planets in solar system has less entropy(disorder) than earth.

      @Satori If everything reaches a homogeneous state -> everything is in order. In any case expansion of universe doesn't mean stretching matter.

  3. it's good but, too many hard words/idioms . . . >.<

  4. I think [高校生になってもそれは続き、一緒に出掛ける友人もいない海里はたまの息抜きのゲーム以外は勉強くらいしかやることもなく、そのせいかどうかは知らないが、結果的には、周りの者が期待した通り、某難関大学への合格を果たすこととなった。] is something like [It continued even in high school, since Misato doesn't have friends to go out with, other than the occasional game as a breather, she had nothing to do but study, maybe because of that, the result is, just as the surrounding people expected, she was able to enter a certain high-barrier university].

    and [まるで、勉強の息抜きにと少しやってみた、あのゲームのようだ… でも、ゲームだと、この後……] should be something like [It's just like that game that I tried as a breather from studying...but, if it's a game, after this......]

    Nice to see someone spreading this~ I'm currently following the raws, not my fav series, but it's quite good. There are a bunch of grammatical mistakes but its mostly readable so gj~

    1. That make way more sense :D (change it, tvym ^^!)

  5. Thanks for the teaser! I just found the series and it seems really interesting.

  6. can u do something with your background? im my phone, with uc browser, it totally red, hard to read word T_T
    ps: thank for your work =D

    1. I change it to brown&white for mobile version, hopefully it is more readable now :)

      (tell me if it isn't :<)

  7. thanks a lot!
    hm---!it seems like it has potential! interesting!

  8. It is just that her head works faster and from early age has already performed logical thinking, the knowledge comes from numerous amount of books since she likes to read, in short “spec is pretty high but still a normal person”.

    isnt that called a genius....genius arent born with the knowledge already in their heads >.<

  9. Thank u always for ur great work...

  10. Thank u always for ur great work...

  11. There are a lot of grammar errors, but it is interesting enough to ignore most of them.

  12. Hi, thanks for the chapter. I realize you released this chapter a long time ago, and I usually don't comment much on LN but wanted to clarify a bit for the part about entropy to the best of my ability. I starred the some terms.

    "According to the young man’s story, it’s somehow like this. The world follows the law of entropy.

    Entropy is a term used in thermodynamics, statistical mechanics, as well as information theory. It is defined as the measure of how much chaos there is in a given state of a system.

    (1) In an *isolated* system, the system’s *net entropy* will increase over time. [Aka Second Law of Thermodynamics without edge cases.]

    (2) If you add hot water to a cup of cold water, over time, the temperature in the cup will stabilize at lukewarm. This is an *irreversible process*, i.e. the cup of lukewarm water will not turn into hot and cold water, fully restoring the original state. Strictly theoretically speaking, it is not always the case that a thermodynamic process is irreversible, but I think it’s fine to think like such for general use."

  13. the entropy part is rather confusing.. but still it's considered as a HQ for MTL..
    thank you for sharing ^^

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